Farming of Yesteryear


The May monthly meeting of members of Farming of Yesteryear is scheduled for 7:00 PM
on Thursday, May 12.  We will be meeting back at the Farming of Yesteryear Center at the farmsite.




Christmas in the County

Prize Winners from the 36th Farming of Yesteryear Threshing Festival
     Allis-Chalmers tractor- Cheryl Koestler- Wells
     Alliis-Chalmers Mailbox-Dennis Baxter, Winnebago
     Allis-Chalmers toy tractor-Jason Thompson, Northwood, IA
     Farming of Yesteryear T-shirt-Ben Goemann, Maple Grove
 School prizes awarded:
     Painted, framed pictures, Jim Waltman, Walters and John Butler, Kensett, IA
     Wood Plaque-Aaron Henke, Blue Earth
Lime Creek Church prizes awarded:
      Afghan-Maurine Olson, Albert Lea
     Centerpiece Doily-Elaine Kluender, Albert Lea
     Quilt-Louise Yost
Farmhouse prize of towel kitchen set awarded to
    Barb Butler, Kensett, IA 



Friendship Wagon Train

photo by Paula Carroll

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Horse & Mule Show 2017horseshow2horseshow3horseshow4

Photos by Linda Hovland


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