Monday, December 14, 2021

Monday, December 10, 2021
The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday, December 10, 2021, at the Kiester Community Center / Fire Hall.
Mayor Rich Goggin called the meeting to order Council Members Present: Hope Bauman, Larry Dahleen, Brandon Hagenson; Jason Kluender. City Maintenance: Gary Skartland; City Clerk: Doris Troll; Members from the public: Tina Thrond, Carol Reinhart, Dan Ruch, Marcia Dahleen, Judy Goggin, Dawn Flaskerud, Vickie Savick, Anie Nichols, Judy Passer, Judy Meyer, Jeanette Poarriot, Jeff Passer.
Agenda: Motion to accept agenda, by Hope Bauman seconded by Brandon Hagenson, vote 5-0 motion carried.
Council minutes: Motion to accept the November 8, 2021, meeting minutes with changes By Hope Bauman seconded by Rich Goggin, vote 5-0 motion carried.
Claims Motion by Hope Bauman seconded by Hope Bauman approving claims totaling $71,588.876 Vote of 5-0 motion carried.
Financials: Motion by Larry Dahleen seconded by Brandon Hagenson approving financials as presented. Vote 5-0, motion carried.
Past Due Water Billing: Motion by Brandon Hagenson seconded by Jason Kluender to shut off if not paid by the 11-26-2021. Vote 5-0, Motion carried.
Building Permits: D Ruch presented a building permit to be adding a shed to his property. A motion by Brandon Hagenson seconded by Jason Kluender provided it stays off the setbacks. Vote 5-0, motion carried.
Ambulance: Non report
Fire Department: The Department had 11 calls this year, 2 were fire calls, the rest were to assist the ambulance. Brandon wanted to look at some of the billing for the Fire Department. He will come to the office to look at the information that he would like to see. They will also have the annual Fish Fry on Feb 5 from 4:30 pm to 7 pm.
Library: December’s activities are Pictures with Santa, Wea re also collecting money for the Food Pantry, Letters to Santa for the kids. We are also doing a drawing for hams., starting the Reading program, and a puzzle table for everyone to come and do.
Liquor Store: they are working on getting in the black for then end of the year so we would not need to have a hearing. Karen has been working at the Liquor Store. Gary was asked to make sure the snow is a way from the south wall due to the thawing it is seeping into the back room.
Market Group and its board: the council is not apposed to giving the Market Group and its Board an extension the council would like to see a better plan and constant feedback from the Market Group and its Board.
A citizen asked to speak and it was granted: Market is great to have. But at this point where it is profitable.
As a taxpayer, I do not feel it is right to keep supporting a business that is unable to handle its finances properly. I hate to see it go, But the moines that have been allocated to the Market Group and its Board could have been allocated the he much needed reconstruction we need in a few years. If it cannot run profitable is can’t be in business. Why were these steps not taken before?
Annie Nichols from the County Eda said that all the loans will be paid off in 6 month. A Board member stated that all debt from past is almost paid off.
Larry Dahleen stated that the five lease was to give the Market and its board until 2021 to pay off the debt and give the Market Group and its Board a fresh start in 2022, When the council asked the Kiester EDA what the Markets gross profit was they could not tell the city. Larry also wanted to know if they did a physical inventory every year? And if he SBA (small business association) had an accounting system, they should be following.
Annie Nichols answered the questions. Yes, they did an inventory, no the SBA did not have an accounting program that they should be using. they are looking into a more robust form of QuickBooks. The SBA had gone over the financials, and they were all in order. That is how they determined the letter for steps moving forward was derived from.
Rich Goggin asked. According to the Market by laws, in which I am one. Is to have an annual meeting each year that the shareholders are welcome to attend. I have never seen invite. Have you been publishing them in the paper? I have not seen them. Annie thanked Rich for bringing to attention. And she would be looking into it.
Hope Bauman, who is a stockholder was confused by the letter that was sent to the stockholders, as it stated that the Market Group and its Board were paying, The Fountain Refrigeration bills, as it was a utility. Which is not correct as the city owns the equipment and pays for the repairs. Rich Goggin stated the numbers that were given to the Market Group and its Board were what the total expenses for the building were. When you rent property out, you try to get the property taxes and utilities covered and then put a little money in for repairs to come out ahead. The only things in the lease that the city is asking for is he Electric and LP and the water and sewer.
Rich Goggin stated that the only thing to change it to turn this around is to get people to shop in the store. and with the age of the building we are going to have to start thinking about what repairs to the building its self we are going to have to do.
Brandon Hagenson Stated that he was talking to Fountain when he was having work done on his house, and that representative stated it is not good to have the big freezer in the back running if it not completely full.
A Board member asked if there was anyway to look at the harm to the city that would be done if the market closed.
Rich Goggin Said no their was not. It not about the impact it is about the amount of taxpayer dollars that we are spending on the Market. We don’t have the money, unless we continue to raise taxes in the past two years the Market had taken up 18% of the city budget. The city is not guaranteed to get anymore monies form the state they are just no handing money out rural America.

The major item tonight as to the Market Group and its Board is to approve of a 6 month extension on the start of the lease. Motion by Brandon Hagenson seconded by Hope Bauman to extend the start date of the new lease to 8-1-2022. And would last for 1 year. Vote 4-1, motion carried. The council would like updates from the Market Group and its Board on a regular basis, so we don’t end up at this spot again in 6 months.
Public comment: Darren Esser, The County Auditor/ Treasure was present to introduce himself to the council and to share his contact information.
A member of the public asked if there were time limits on building permits. Someone informed there them was. They then asked if anyone ever renews their permits. They sometimes do. Some permits that people get they don’t even start the work. D Ruch asked about the permit for his shed that the council just approved and wanted the start date moved to March 2022. The council said that would be fine.

Liquor License: we presented liquor licenses for the Kiester Legion and Berma’s for calendar year 2022. Motion by to approve both licenses by Brandon Hagenson, seconded by Rich Goggin. Vote 5-0, motion carried.
Budget: A motion by Rich Goggin seconded by Hope Bauman to set the 2022 tax levy as follows
General Government $ 156,139.20
GO Bond Levy
Ambulance $ 46,200.00
Library $ 13,671.00
Fire Department $ 22,575.00
EDA $ 78,750.00

TOTAL LEVY $ 317,335.20

Vote5-0, motion carried.
Resolutions: 2021-09, moving monies from the Lottery account to the Liquor Store account. We passed this last month; this is showing you the documentation.
2021-10 accepting donations for the library Motion by Brandon Hagenson Seconded by Jason Kluender Vote 5-0, Resolution carries.
2021-11 accepting donations for Fire Department by Hope Bauman Seconded by Rich Goggin Vote4-0, motion carried with Hagenson abstaining.
2021-12 accepting donations for the ambulance by Brandon Hagenson, seconded by Larry Dahleen Vote 3-0 with Hope Bauman and Rich Goggin abstaining
Maintenance: Gary is doing the last discharge for the year. Empire Pipe will clean out the catch basins. We have had issues with the drain down by the church and they came and took the camera to it and then could get it opened. The first round of snow went ok just a few cars were on the street.

Lee Evans came in and wanted to ask permission to bore under the road to hood to the city sewer system.. Th council asked him for a proposal of how it is to be done before they approve of it.
Clerk Update: Working getting budget entered for 2022 top get to county and state needing fire dept officer pay rated to pay them as well as council before the end of the year. Working setting up the new rates in the water billing program.
Mayor Update: Nothing from the USDA. With winter being upon us, I just want everyone to remember to make sure that it clears their furnace chimneys out.
Motion to adjourn made by Jason Kluender and seconded by Brandon Hagenson Vote 5-0, motion carried. Mayor Goggin adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer