Monday, September 13, 2021

Monday, September 13, 2021

The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday, September 13, 2021, at the Kiester Community Center / Fire Hall. City Hall.
Mayor Rich Goggin called the meeting to order Council Members Present: Hope Bauman, Larry Dahleen, Jason Kluender, Brandon Hagenson; City Maintenance: Gary Skartland; City Clerk: Doris Troll; Members from the public: Judy Goggin, Vicki Savick, Karen Busch, Carol Reinhart, Jan Engretbretson, Al Bauman.
Agenda: Motion to accept agenda, by Hope Bauman seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 5-0 motion carried.
Council minutes: Motion to accept the August 9, 2021, meeting minutes. By Hope Bauman seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 5-0 motion carried.
Claims Motion by Hope Bauman seconded by Brandon Hagensen approving claims totaling $ 49,586.65 Vote of 5-0 motion carried.
Financials: Motion by Larry Dahleen, seconded by Hope Bauman approving financials as presented. Vote 5-0, motion carried.
Past Due Water Billing: Motion by Jason Kluender seconded by Rich Goggin to shut off if not paid by the 9-21-2021. Vote 5-0, Motion carried.
Building Permits: presented building permits for B Alm, and J Kluender, Motion Brandon Hagenson Seconded by Hope Bauman, vote 4-0 motion carried. With Jason Kluender abstaining,
Ambulance: A reminder that the Pork feed (Drive up style) is on Sunday Sept 26, 2021 from 11 am to 1 pm. Rich Goggin also stated that the Legion would have given the Fire Department and the Ambulance each $2000.00.
Fire Department: Brandon reported they had a demonstration of some new jaws of life equipment. That they were going to see what they could get for grants.
Library: they reported that the book sale at Farming of Yesteryear brought in $200.00. and that the book signing they had went well with about 20 people there
Liquor Store: Carol reported that the liquor store was broken into and approximately $1500.00 plus inactivated lottery tickets were taken. The suspects have been arrested. Ron has asked to come back to work at the liquor store. After the break in, it was determined that what we thought we had for security was not the case. Therefore, a different and newer technology systems have been ordered.
Public Comment: none

Resident Request to talk to council: Preston Alphs was present to ask the council about fencing and the space it has to be off the property lines . He would like to put a fence up 6 inches off of the lines. He would have the property surveyed off to get the correct lines. Motion by Brandon Hagenson Seconded by Jason Kluender to let Mr. Alphs, place a fence on the property line if he follows current ordinances for building permits. Vote 5-0. Motion carried.
Historical Society: Al Bauman was present to ask the council again this year for some operating funds. The council had asked if they had thought about relocating. They have not had a meeting recently. It was asked if they had investigated getting any grants to help them out. Al was told informed that council would like this to be a topic at an EDA meeting.
City Sewer Hook ups: Al Bauman was wondering if the city would allow and finance hooking the properties south of the railroad tracks are still in city limits to city sewer? There was some discussion of how this could be done and with this, the house at 805 West state street was brought into the discussion as well. I asked Gary to look into this matter and report back to the council.
Ordinance: The clerk present an ordinance for inflow and infiltration. This ordinance has to do with the areas of town that have rain water running into the sewer systems. This is also in accordance with Pollution Control, as they will be starting to crack down on towns. I asked the council to look at it and get and changes to Doris by 10-8-2021 so that she may get a rough draft to the council for review at the Octobers meeting.
City Pick up: Brandon has gotten a quote for 2022 Ford F series that could be fitted with a plow. The quote he got from Forest city ford through their government contacts is $30998.52. A motion by Rich Goggin seconded by Brandon Hagenson to accept the bid. Vote 5-0, motion carried.
Budget: they informed the council that they needed to set the preliminary percentage of increase. Keeping in mind that what we say knows we cannot over that amount. Motion by Brandon Hagenson seconded by Rich Goggin to set preliminary budget at 8% for calendar year 2022. Vote 5-0. Motion carried. Mayor Goggin wanted to be sure that everyone was clear. This is just the preliminary setting. This is not the Final amount of the levy we have to have a number into the county by the end of September. And with us setting the levy at a high rate, it gives the city room to get it down as low as we can. If we set the preliminary too low we have to stick to that amount., The Final budget will not be approved until December.
Maintenance: Gary presented a quote for the air heat exchanger at the retail center. He had them inspect the exchangers on the retail center. The one that is in the middle is bad and therefore should be repaired or replaced the fix cost is the quote of $5950.00 or to replace a new unit will be around $16.000.00. A motion made by Larry Dahleen Seconded by Hope Bauman to repair the unit. Vote 5-0, motion carried.
Later this fall, Gary will go around town and trimming up branches that hang over the sidewalks and roads.
There is a fire hydrant n the north end of town that sticks when you open the valve. Gary will have MN Rural water come and help replace.
Clerk Update: Next month we have to set more details for the budget things like pay raises. Do we want to increase water fees, and any other odd quotes for items that are wanted in 2022. I emailed Travis Winter on the USDA grants; we are still waiting to hear from them. Also, there is a picture of where WCTA would like to put a junction box. There was a discussion, and it was determined that we would like it on the back side of the lot toward the east property line. The clerk will call them and inform them.
Mayor Update: The mayor will be out of town from 9 to 19 to 10-1,2021.

Motion to adjourn made by Rich Goggin and seconded by Jason Kluender Vote 5-0, motion carried. Mayor Goggin adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer