Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday, February 8, 2020 at the Kiester Community Center / Fire hall.

Mayor Rich Goggin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Council Members Present: Hope Bauman, Larry Dahleen, Jason Kluender, Brandon Hagenson; City Maintenance: Gary Skartland; City Clerk: Doris Troll; Members from the public: Marcia Dahlen, Nicole Swanson, Dawn Flaskerud, and Al Bauman.

Agenda: Motion to accept agenda, with the addition Eda Board by Hope Bauman seconded by Rich Goggin, vote 5-0 motion carried

Council minutes: Motion to accept the January 11, 2021 council meeting minutes by Hope Bauman seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 5-0 motion carried.

Claims: Motion by Hope Bauman seconded by Larry Dahleen approving claims totaling $ 82497.00 Vote of 5-0 motion carried.

Financials: Motion by Larry Dahlen, seconded by Rich Goggin, approving financials as presented. Vote 5-0, motion carried.

Past Due Water Billing: Being aware of the Minnesota peace time order, we cannot shut off water, however the past due letters are still going out.

Building Permits: Motion to approve building permits for K Yost, by Brandon Hagenson, seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 5-0, motion carried.

Fire Department: Adam will be working on the Fire hall Community Center starting at the end of the month.
He will not be in the way of bone builders.

Library: Still purchasing books for the library with the grant monies. In January 103 people came into the library , They are putting a children’s reading program together that the kids will get a punch for every book they read when the card is full they will go into a drawing for at the end of the Program to win one of 2 bikes or a hoverboard.

Public Comment: 1. Al Bauman was here to see if the city had followed up on if it could give monies to the historical society. The clerk found that you can however they prefer it to be done during the budget season and added in after the final budget. However after a discussion with the council it was determined that they could re allocate monies from general fund to give to the Historical Society. Motion by Rich Goggin to give the Historical Society $ 1000.00 now and revisit in June to see if ther could be any more monies given. Seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 4-0, motion carried, with Hope Bauman Abstaining.

2. The question was asked if there were job description for the city employees and performance reviews given, and was there a chart of whom reported to whom. The public was informed at this time there was nothing formally in place. Gary had job description.

EDA Boad: Mayor Goggin has found out that the council can appoint people to the Eda Board. He already has One on Board and one to talk to yet. Hope mentioned that Al would be willing to be a part of the EDA Board.
There will be more discussion next month.

Maintenance Report: Gary reported that with this cold he is having residents down on 7th street run water as the main pipe runs for a 4 in to a 2 in pipe that is on a dead end. This will help with the pipes not freezing on that end of town. There is also an issue with the scale at the water plant and will having someone come to take a look at it. A pallet of salt has been purchased to see if it will work in the payloader sanding unit better the current mixtue of sand and salt.
Sinage had been put up that include more speed limit signs, and watch for childred sign to see if this will hep with the speeding issues that that the city has had complaints on.

Clerk Update: The clerk has had a conversation with Bolton & Menk to make sure we have the connections accounted for in the city. There are connections that could be used that are not accounted for in the Water Billing program.

The city auditors will be in the office on February 22 to do their field work.

Metro Sales has contacted the clerk with an updated contract that would save the city money as well as increase the numbers that we can use under the contract. Motion by Rich Goggin Seconded by Hope Bauman vote5-0, motion carried.
Eugene “Jake” Jacobson and Brfad Some would like to do one cutting each of the old foodball filed.
Motion by Jason Kluender seconded by Rich Goggin vote 5-0, motion carried.

2020 Meeting Schedule-2nd Monday of each Month @ 7:00 p.m. Motion by Jason Kluender Seconded by Hope Bauman vote 5-0, motion carried.

2021 Mayor/Council Per Diems=the clerk will have to go back into the audio tapes, and she can find no written record of a pay raise. Mayor $55.00 per mtg/Council $40.00 per mtg.

Mileage Rate=per the IRS Rate $ .056 per mile motion by Brandon Hagenson, Seconded by Rich Goggin, ,vote 5-0, motion carried.

The clerk had a conversation with Travis Winter, the engineer at Bolton & Menk, and this is lead based paint on the outside of the water tower, that will be added in the water and sewer project.
All council members all have information on elected officer’s training by the league of MN cities. Please let me know if you want me to register you. Also, the clerk emailed everyone on the information for the online training for the board of appeals this is the meeting in April regarding the value of homes. I am still working with the USDA loans and hope to have my end by the end of next week. I am also gearing up for the year end issues that happen.

Motion to adjourn made by Brandon Hagenson and seconded by Jason Kluender. Vote 5-0, motion carried Mayor Goggin adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer