Monday, August 10, 2020

Monday August 10, 2020


The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday August 10, 2020 at the City of Kiester Offices

Acting Mayor Larry Dahleen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Members present were, council, Jason Kluender, Brandon Hagenson City personal Gary Skartland, city clerk Doris Troll. Mayor Goggin and Hope Bauman were absent. Members from the public were; Marcia Dahleen, Nicole Swanson, Jan Engebretson,

Agenda: Motion to accept agenda, with the addition of Ambulance pay by Brandon Hagenson, seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 3-0 motion carried.

Council minutes: Motion to accept the July 13, 2020 council meeting minutes by Brandon Hagenson, seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 3-0 motion carried.

Claims: A motion by Jason Kluender seconded by Brandon Hagenson,of approve the claims for a total of
$39,591.461 Vote of 3-0 motion carried.

Financials: Motion by Jason Kluender , seconded by hope Brandon Hagenson to approve financials as presented. Vote 3-0, motion carried.

Past Due Water billing: Due to the Minnesota pace time order we are not allowed to shut off water, however the past due letters are still going out.

Building permits. Motion to approve building permits. For L Fossness, R Goggi, Jason Kluender, Seconded by Brandon Hagenson, Hope Bauman Vote 3-0. Motion carried

Sail : Mary aske was present to ask permission to use the Community Center free of charge for the SAIL group ( otherwise known as bone builders) motion by Brandon Hagenson to let the Sail group use the Community Center seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 3-0, motion carried.

Parking on State Street/ Cty road 2 after a discussion about the parking and damage that is done by the heavy equipment over the manhole cover and the issues with snow removal. The Council would like an ordinance to have no Parking with in Kiester City limits on State Street/ Cty Road 2. Motion by Brandon Hagenson, to have the clerk draw up an ordinance to be read at Septembers meeting seconded by Jason Kluender vote 3-0, motion carried.

LP contracts: A bid from CFS and FCA were presented for contracted LP for the heating season. Motion by Brandon Hagenson to accept both bids. Seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 3-0, motion carried.

Fire Department: would like to put together a committee to upgrade the building. With the new OSHA mandates n fire gear, that need to be replaced every ten years, the fire department will have to be replace turnout gear at approximately $ 3000.00 a set.

Public Comment: Someone asked about putting awnings up over the retail center windows, to possibly help with the air conditioning of the buildings. This was referred to Have the Retail Committee look at this.
There was also brought up the conversation in regard to softening up the look of the Liquor Store by having plants placed out front. This was also handed off to the Liquor Store Committee. There was also comments in regard to all the Golf Carts and ATVs that are in town, with regards to the age of the drivers.

Liquor Store Report: the air conditioners are finally leveled off so that they are not running the fan on the cooler doors anymore. Carol also presented a quote for putting up a security camera on the back door. and the intake vent has been put in the compressor room. Motion by Brandon Hagenson to add the security camera on the back door seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 3.-0, motion carried.

Maintenance Report: All the line on Main Street have been painted and the handicap lines I will be doing next.
We have hauling out some of the reclaim out to the ponds. There are some alleys that I am going to use it on as well. Mn pump has been here to look at the pumps and they are doing good. The generator has been left alone, I have a key to it now and it is locked up. Getting the equipment ready for the upcoming season, I will be ordering blades for the plow. Doing more tree trimming along the streets. The city pick up will need a new set of tires before winter. The bobcat had its tires replaced last year and has 850 hours on. It.
Carol informed Gary that there are a few big holes in the Liquor store lot.

Clerk Update: Elections are tomorrow, will be looking at the budget for 2021 as well as working with the grant application. Brandon asked if it would be better for us to have a work session as to the budget. No action was taking at this time. A reminder that the Road water/ sewer project has a special meeting on 8-25-2020 at the community Center.

There was a discussion as to holding a work session to go over the budget. It was determined that it would we should hold it after the public hearing.

Motion to adjourn was made by Jason Kluender and seconded by Brandon Hagenson. Vote3-0, motion carried Larry Dahleen adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer