Monday, November 25, 2019

Monday November 25, 2019


The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday November 25, 2019 at the City of Kiester Offices

Mayor Goggin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Council members present were Hope Bauman, Larry Dahleen, Jason Kluender City personnel present were Gary Skartland and city clerk Doris Troll. Members of the public were Jan Engebretson, Vickie Savick, Judy Goggin, Masrcia Dahleen, Caorl Rinehart, Brandon Hagenson, Jerry Alphs, Wayne Johnson, Dan Willaby.

Agenda: Motion to accept agenda by Jason Kluender, seconded by Hope Bauman, vote 4-0, motion carried.

Council minutes: Motion to accept the council meeting minutes for 28TH October 2019. Hope Bauman, seconded by Larry Dahleen Vote 4-0, motion carried.

Claims: A motion by Hope Bauman, Seconded by Jason Kluender approve the claims for a total of $ 30,194.30 Vote 4-0 motion carried.

Financials: the clerk explained the issues she had with Banyon program and that they were working on issue.
Motion by Larry to accept the financials with the understanding the issue will be resolved before the next meeting, Seconded by Hope Bauman, Vote 4-0, Motion carried.

Fire Department: Jerry Alphs requested that the council pay the fire department officers as last year.
Also 3 firemen will be retiring at the end of the year they are Brian Haroldson, Jason Kluender, and Jim Olson. They also they will also be added 3 new firefighters next year to replace them. Jerry also requested that the City place the Township Mutual aid monies into a CD for the Fire Department. Motion to make a resolution to put the Township Mutual aid monies into a CD earmarked Fire Department. by Hope Bauman seconded by Larry Dahleen vote3-0 motion carried with Jason Kluender abstaining.

Water Heater: there was a discussion in regard to what kind of water heater they should get for city hall.
They council had a model that home depot sells for $ 239.00. Motion to replace the water heater in City Hall by Larry Dahleen seconded by Hope Bauman. Vote 4-0, motion carried,

Letter of Resignation: the council has received a letter of resignation from Rich Jensen as he has moved form the community. The Mayor thanked him for his time on City Council. Motion to accept made by Jason Kluender seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 4-0, motion carried.
With the acceptance of Rich Jensen resignation there was resolution made to post a vacancy on the council by Jason Kluender, seconded by Hope Bauman, vote 4-0, motion carried.

Credit Card: the clerk had requested that city should obtain a credit card for the small items that can be invoiced like the some of the computer program renewals that are currently being paid and reimbursed to the staff. Motion to start looking into applying for one by Larry Dahleen seconded by Hope Bauman. Vote 4-0, motion carried.

Snow plow temporary replacement: with the likeliness of Gary going to be out during this snow plow season The city will have to look for someone who would be willing to do the snow plowing in the city. Motion to post the position by Jason Kluender seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 4-0, motion carried.

Liquor License: Burma’s and The Kiester Legion has requested liquor Licenses for the calendar year 2020.
Motion by Jason Kluender seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 4-0, motion carried.

Front Street: Faribault county is willing to take possession of the rest front street from main street going east and reconnecting with County road 2. In order for this to happen, there was a motion to make a resolution to turn it over to the county by Jason Kluender seconded by Larry Dahleen , vote 4-0, motion carried,

Houses and ordinance violation: the council was given a list of all the houses with “junk” issues. Plus, a list of three that need to be condemned. the three that need to be condemned will have to go through the lawyer as two of them have the property taxes up to date. And the third is back at the state, however we still need to make sure we get it taken down correctly. We will also look to see if there is any money that might available for us to take them down.
Motion by Hope Bauman seconded by Larry Dahleen to go ahead with getting the housed condemned.

Minimum Wage: minimum wage is going up to $ 10.00 per hour for the new year. There was a discussion in regards to giving Gary and Doris a raise to offset the cost of the medical going up. One council member feels hat Gary should have a bigger raise than Doris due to the licensing he has for the water and sewer. this was tabled until the next meeting.

Public Comment :

Water bill late fee: the late fee billing date was discussed as to when it should be assed to the accounts. It was there was a motion by to change the due date until the 20th of the month and the late fee of $ 25.00 added on the next billing cycle. By Jason Kluender seconded Larry Dahleen vote 4-0, motion carried.

NSF Checks: Motion to assed a NSF fee of $ 35.00 to all returned checks by Jason Kluender Seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 4-0, motion carried.

Maintenance report: Arnies pump is still planning on coming to check the pumps. the light on the water town have been replaced it was also noted by the repairman that the sensor cover has been cracked and has a whole but for know the light is working. Empire pipe is planning to come an clean the catch basins. All street valves in town have be checked for he winter and are all working, snow fence on north end is up still working on the west end.

Clerk update: reported that still working with the Fema paperwork for the spots, also filling out the year end paperwork that need to be done.

Mayor Update: The liquor store last Thursday a delivery driver took out the phone line from the pole around back.

This took out the phone and the credit card machine. We were told that they would be out on Friday and as of 5pm Friday they had shown up. So Bevcomm came out Saturday morning to turn the credit card machine to the Bevcomm through the internet. The Library thermostat is an old programable model. So that will be purchased.

Public property tax proposals have been mailed and the residents need to know that when we set the proposed number in Sept the city has just started to look in the budget for the following year, the laws have it stated that if we set the limit in September and we really need more that that number we cannot increase the amount. However, we can set the amount high and cut that amount down. It needs to be noted that the city does not control the house evaluation’s, the evaluation is how the tax numbers are based. You also have to remember that the tax bill includes county monies as well as school district money.

Minnesota basic code: for is there is a code number for house number, and there was not so , Another city has sent over an ordinance they added. There was a motion by Hope Bauman seconded by Larry Dahleen to publish upcoming ordinance that would be presents at the Dec or Jan meeting provided the lawyer approves.
Vote 4-0, motion carried.

Hope had asked the Council to set up a Facebook page for the ambulance. Rich has said he has looked into it an a business page has to run off a personal page, he has set one up for the liquor store and will get one set up for the city and the ambulance.

Motion to adjourn was made by Jason Kluender seconded by Hope Bauman Vote 4-0, mayor Goggin adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/Treasurer