Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday August 12TH, 2019


The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday, August 12th, 2019 at the City of Kiester Offices

Mayor Goggin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Council members present were Hope Bauman, Larry Dahleen, Rich Jensen, and Jason Kluender. City personnel present were city clerk Doris Troll and maintenance man Gary Skartland. Members from the public were Jan Engebretson, Judy Goggin, Marcia Dahleen, Lars Bierlet, Nicole Swanson, Carol Rinehart, Tabatha Kuiper, Shane Steinke, Trina Bendickson

Agenda: Motion to accept agenda with the additions of Quilters Cottage. by Jason Kluender, seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 5-0 motion carried.

Council minutes: Motion to accept the council meeting minutes for June 24. 2019 by Rich Jensen and seconded by Hope Bauman. vote 5-0 motion carried.

Claims: A motion by Rich Jensen seconded by Jason Kluender to approve the claims, of $ 137,054.13. Vote of 5-0, motion carried.

Financials: Motion by Larry Dahleen seconded by Hope Bauman, to approve financials as presented vote 5-0, Motion carried.

Past Due Water bills: Motion by Jason Kluender , seconded by Rich Jensen , to shut off the water of residents whose water bills are three months overdue and have not paid in full by the 19th of August Vote 5-0 motion carried.

Lars Bierlt was present from the Faribault County Eda to share an opportunity for small business a workshop on succession planning. The workshop is on 9-10-2019 at 10:30 am at Hamilton Hall, Blue Earth. He asked the council to share the information with those they felt might benefit from this workshop.

Bermas’s : Shane Steinke was present to ask that the city to block off the Market lot on Saturday 8-24-2019 from 5:30 to 10 pm for a benefit bike run that will be ending in Kiester, Motion by Hope Bauman seconded by Jason Kluender to block it off. Vote 5-0.

Library : Judy Goggin informed the council that the Keys to the KTTC have all been turned in. they also asked about selling of used books. A motion by Larry Dahleen seconded by Rich Jensen, to let them sell the old books with all monies from the sell to be turned over to the clerk for deposit into their account. Vote 5-0, Motion carried.

Judy also informed the council that the grand opening will be on Thursday 8-15-2019 at 5 to 7 on main street and requested for the city block off the street and to borrow the picnic tables from the park for the event. Motion by Jason Kluender seconded by Hope Bauman to grant the Library their request Vote 5-0. Motion carried.

Public Comment: none

Liquor Store: The sign should be ready next week, Gary will be painting the building this week.
Vickie Savik has turned in her letter of resignation due to heaLth reasons. Motion by Hope Bauman, Seconded by Rich Jensen to accept her resignation. Vote 5-0. Motion carried.

With the council accepting Vickie’s resignation a motion by Rich Jensen to Post a head Cashier/ Manager position that was seconded by Larry Dahleen Vote 5-0. Motion carried.

Vickie has also interviewed two candidates for the Liquor store and was recommending to the council that they Hire Tina Trond, and Ashley Schroader. Motion by Jason Kluender seconded by Larry Dahleen to offer them positions with the completions of their background checks., vote 5-0, motion carried.

There was a discussion as to the hours at the Liquor Store, there was discussion as to opening at noon on Fridays and Saturdays at noon and staying open until 10 PM Some of the public was for it and some were against it.
A motion by Jason Kluender seconded by Rich Jensen to change the hours at the liquor effective the week of 8-19-2019 to Monday to Thursday open at noon close at 8 pm. Fridays and Saturdays open at noon and close at 10 PM. Vote 5-0 motion carried.

The Quilters Cottage: was present to request that they hang a banner on the outside wall of the store. Motion by Hope Bauman seconded by Jason Kluender to let them hang the banner. Vote 5-0, motion carried.

There was a contract from Central Farm Services for LP for the winter season, to contact 7500 gals at $ 1.009 per gallon.
this would be for all tanks we lease and it would be for the whole season. Motion by Rich Jensen seconded by Larry Dahleen to accept the offer. Vote 5-0, motion carried.

Maintenance Report: Gary Reported that he called In Control and the panel is ready to be sent and installed at the end of Sept. Gary also sent off the books for the media at the water plant. The county has been by and cleaned the pea rock off of main street, they will come and redo the lines in a few weeks. Gary will start to repaint the parking lines, and on the west side of the street with a sharper angle to better to be able to see.
The Girls academy form Bricelyn will be coming to help paint the curbs.

The group from Farming of Yesteryear has requested to purchase some of the recycled blacktop to put at their farm sight. Motion By Jason Kluender seconded by Hope Bauman to let them have some. Vote 5-0, motion carried.

Mayor update: Mayor Goggin is working on a small city grant that is 75 pages long for the first round of information.

Budget talks: Rich G Larry and Doris sat and looked at the budget again, After discussion they felt that it might be in the cities best interest of saving the cost of inflation increase every year to have all the streets done at one time. Travis winter will be her on 8-16-2019 for a meeting with the Hwy 22 project with the state and Doris and Rich will be meeting with him afterwards to discuss this with him.

Motion to adjourn made by Jason Kluender seconded by Rich Jensen Vote 5-0, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/Treasurer