Monday, August 27, 2018


Monday August 27, 2018




The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday August 27, 2018


Mayor Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were, council members Larry Dahleen Rich Jensen and Jason, Kluender Rick Stoneman, Gary Skartland and Clerk Doris Troll . Members from the public in attendance were Marcia Dahleen, Mike Gormley, Mary Steinke, Rich Goggin, Judy Goggin, Jan Engebretson.


Agenda: Motion by Kluender seconded by Jensen to accept agenda. Vote 5-0, motion carried.


Council minutes: Motion to accept August 13, 2018 by Jensen seconded by Dahleen vote 5-0 motion carried.  


Claims: A motion by Kluender seconded by Dahleen to approve the claims of $ 94,263.02, Vote of 5-0 motion carried.    


Dog Ordinances:   There was a discussion in regard to the Ordinance in regards to the dogs. there was a motion by Stoneman seconded by Jensen to approve the Animal Ordinance in the MN basic code with the additions that were made.  Vote 5-0.


Building Permits: motion by Jensen seconded by Dahleen to approve a permit for B Haroldson,

Vote 5-0, motion carried.


Public input:  Has the council ever thought of having a working meeting to deal with the budget.


Budget: there was a discussion as to what needs to be in the budget as well as to questions as to the coding that the accounting is putting items to where Doris is placing them. What streets are  going  to  be done next year, as to the planning of the next round of seal coating to be added into the budget.  What is Empire pipe cost will be for the work they plan on doing next year     


Maintenance:  Gary is working on getting quotes for the items that he would like to see done next year. Going to be trimming trees.


Clerk update:   Working on the Budget.


Mayor update:   Region 9 is working on a grant to SMIF for $10,000.00, for projects that are already in the works as well as new projects. If this grant comes though there would be a town meeting to help with ideas, from


There was a motion by Jensen Seconded by Dahleen to help Region 9 with matching $ 500.00 funds

for help in the writing of the grant to the SMIF fund.   Vote 5-0, motion carried.

Committee member reports:  Mary had brought bid for the Beer compressor to be replaced next year. To be added into the Budget.

Fire Department: need monies for new pagers added into the budget next year. 

Ambulance: nothing needed everything is ok.  Budgeted repairs have yet to be made for 2018.


Grocery Store: no updates on financials from them.


A motion to adjourn was made by Jensen seconded by Kluender, vote 5-0, motion carried.



Respectfully submitted by

Doris M Troll

City Clerk/ Treasurer    

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