Monday, July 23, 2018


Monday July 23, 2018




The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday July 23, 2018


Mayor Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were, council members Larry Dahleen, Rick Stoneman, Gary Skartland and  Clerk Doris Troll, Rich Jensen and Jason Kluender were  absent. Members from the public in attendance were Marcia Dahleen, Sam Parker, Jerry Alphs. Wayne Johnson, John Hutchens, Angie Pcetavel, Steve Olawald


Agenda: Motion by Dahleen seconded by Stoneman to accept agenda. Vote 3-0, motion carried.


Council minutes: Motion to accept July 9, 2018 by Dahleen seconded by Stoneman vote 3-0 motion carried.  


Claims: A motion by Stoneman seconded by Dahleen to approve the claims of $ 9,118.66,  Vote of 3-0 motion carried.    


MNDOT/Region 9:  Sam from Region 9 , Angie and Steve from MNDOT were here to inform the city that they are in the works to have HWY 22 repaved and wanted to have us in the mix as far as items we would like to be changed or done along the repair route in town.


Kiester Fire Department: The Kiester Fire Relief Association would like the peruse the possibility of turning their retirement monies over to PERA, instead of handling it themselves.  They were looking for the council approval to pursue  a cost analyzation to see if it would be worth it.   

Motion by Stoneman seconded by Dahleen to let the Fire Relief pursue the  cost analyzation, vote 3-0 motion carried.


Lift station:  John from Benco Electric was here to explain the changes that should go on at the lift station due to Benco having to change the electrical at Farmers Coop. after a discussion there was a motion by Stoneman seconded by Dahleen to do the upgrades to the lift station per the recommendation of Benco with the more cost information to be given in the next week.  Vote 3-0

Motion carried.


Public input: it was asked it the council if they had thought about an old business section to the minutes for a way to follow up on past items.


Maintenance:   There was a discussion regarding the compressor in the milk cooler, that has been shutting off in the middle of the night. Motion by Stoneman seconded by Dahleen to see if there are any compressors at the Market that are not being used, that would work for the milk cooler,  or if there is an used one that the city can purchase. If the not to both then  we can go ahead with the purchase of a new one.  Vote 3-0. Motion carried.


Clerk update:   Reminded everyone about the meeting on Wednesday night for the Our Town USA group, Working on Budget, census information and elections.


Mayor update: Doug showed Sam from Region 9 around the city before the meeting.


A motion to adjourn was made by Dahleen seconded by Stoneman, vote 3-0, motion carried.



Respectfully submitted by

Doris M Troll

City Clerk/ Treasurer    

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