Monday, May 14, 2018


Monday May 14, 2018





The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday May 14 2018


  Mayor Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were, council members   Jason Kluender, Larry Dahleen, Rick Stoneman Doris Troll Clerk, and Gary Skartland.  Rich Jensen was absent Members from the public in attendance were   Marcia Dahleen, Shane Steinke  


Agenda: Motion to accept agenda Kluender, seconded by Dahleen, Vote 4-0 motion carried.


Council minutes: Motion to accept April 23, 2018 Council minutes by Dahleen seconded by Kluende,  vote 4-0 motion carried.


Motion to accept the Truth in Taxation minutes by Dahleen seconded by Stoneman vote 4-0, motion carried.


Claims: A motion by Stoneman seconded Dahleen to approve the claims of $ 54,104.93 m Vote of 4-0 motion carried.    


Financials: No approval until Burkhardt has been contacted to help with the issues.


Past Due Water billing: Motion by Stoneman seconded by Kluender to shut off if not paid by 5-18-2018. Vote 4-0, motion carried.


Public Input:  Shane was present from Berma’s to request Main Street be blocked off Friday 6-22-2018 for a street dance during Kiester Days, as well as being blocked off on Saturday 6-23-2018 for a bean bag tournament. Motion by Kluender seconded by Dahleen to close Main street off on 6-22 for a street dance and on 6-23-2018 for a bean bag tournament. Vote 4-0, motion carried.


There was a question as to if the city council has ever received any library information such as how many books are being checked out and how many people are using the library.


Liquor Store: the proposal that was given to the council, will be tabled until next meeting.  However, there was discussion regarding having a handicapped parking. And it was determined that it would be out by the pole.



Building permits: Motion by Kluender seconded by Dahleen to approve building permits for G Aske, T Schroader, J Aphs.   Vote 4-0 Motion carried,

Motion by Dahleen seconded by Kluender to approve building permits for J Bendickon, and C Simonson, vote 4-0, Motion carried.



Resolution: 2018-5-8 accepting monies from the Fire Relief Association for $ 4468.98 to SCBA gear, Motion by Stoneman. Seconded by Dahleen, vote:  ya: Trytten, Dahleen, Stoneman, voting no: None  Abstaining: Kelunder,   motion carried.

Resolution  2018-5-8.2 accepting a statue of an angel from various donors to be on display a the library.  Motion by Dahleen Seconded by Kluender, vote ya: Trytten, Dahleen, Stoneman, Kluender. Motion carried.


Maintenance report: The snow fence us down and all the lawns have been cleaned up after winter, 

All the hydrants have been flushed.  We are on the 2nd discharge for the ponds.  And will be working on hooking the water up for the community garden. Pearson seal coating has given a bid for   crack filling of the streets of $ 3800.00. There was motion by Kluender seconded by Dahleen, to have the crack filling done. 

Weerts will be coming down to give us a quote for patching by Berma’s , and the corner of S 2nd & county road 2.   Adams will be attending pond seminar/ classes on June 12-14, 2108 and taking his waste water test at the same time.

The Creamery property:  

 We had the creamy tank pumped out, and it kept filling up. the thoughts are that it almost all water and very little if any fuel left in it. 

A Motion by Stoneman Seconded by Kluender to have  the clerk to be looking to what and who would be able to help us remove the tank. Vote 4-0, motion carried.


Clerk Update:  The Liquor conference was very interesting and informative.  


Mayor update:  Mayor Trytten shared information form the Mayors Conference.   He also shared that Region 9 has found a grant that would fit for the group of small towns in our county that is a effort form the University

 of MN and SMIF.  Those are monies that could help the Prosperity Garden or the Active Living Group.



Motion by Kluender seconded by Dahleen to adjourn the meeting. Vote carried 4-0. 



Respectfully submitted by

Doris M Troll

City Clerk/ Treasurer    

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