Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday November 27, 2017


The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday November 27, 2017

Mayor Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Members present were Mayor Doug Trytten, council members Rick Stoneman, Larry Dahleen, Rich Jensen, Jason Kluender, Gary Skartland and Clerk Doris Troll, Members from the public in attendance were Marcia Dahleen.

Agenda: Motion by Kluender seconded by Jensen to accept agenda vote 5-0, motion carried.

Council minutes: Motion to accept November 13, 2017 by Jensen seconded by Kluender vote 5-0 motion carried.

Claims: A motion by Jensen seconded by Dahleen to approve the claims of $5,671.97. Vote of 5-0 motion carried.

Fire Department: Jerry Alphs was present to give the council an update on the fire truck, and to inform the council they have received grants for airpacks and turn out gear for the fireman.
He also was requesting that that the office pay be as follows: Chief $ 500.00 per year Assistant Chief $ 100.00 per year Captains $ 100.00 Fire Marshall $ 100.00 Training Officers $ 100.00.

A motion was made to pay the Fire Department officers at the end of the year starting in year 2017 by Jensen seconded by Stoneman, vote 4-0 motion carried with Kluender abstaining.

Public Input: there was a request to have the duties of the cleaning service for the retail center to be gone over in detail with them, as the Tennent’s do not feel that the bathroom floors are being cleaned as well as possibly the sinks. Mayor Trytten said he would talk to Linda Hovland about the cleaning details.

Dawn Flaskerud was present to request a cigarette license for 2018.
Motion by Jensen seconded by Kluender to grant License to sell cigarettes. Vote 5-0 Motion carried.

Maintenance report: The street sweeper has been looked over by MacQueen and repairs totaling of $ 13000.00. need to be done. Gary will fix what he can and will start looking to see if it would be better to find a newer one or to repair the one we have. Snow fence is up.

Sealed bids: There were 4 sealed bids for the plow truck. Darren Stenzel $ 3000.00, Shelly Kirk $ 1750.00, Daniel Folven, $ 1100.00 and Mike Mathis $ 920.00. the bid was awarded to Motion to accept Darren Stenzel’s bid of $ 3000.00 was made by Stoneman seconded by Jensen vote5-0, motion carried.

Budget talks: There was a motion by Jensen seconded by Stoneman to give pay raises as follows that Gary S, Adam S and Doris T would get a $ 1.00 per hour increase, Judy M would get $ .05 per hour and the Mary A and Ruth p go to a rate of $ 9.65. The Liquor Store Staff will go to the $ 9.65 per hour and Dena T would go to $ 9.70 per hour. Vote 5-0 motion carried.

The tax levy was discussed. A motion by Kluender seconded by Dahleen to increase the tax levy by 4%. Vote 5-0. Motion carried.

Council meetings: There was a motion to cancel the Dec 25, 2017 meeting by Kluender seconded by Jensen, vote 5-0, motion carried

There was motion by Stoneman seconded by kluender to adjourn the meeting. Vote carried 5-0.

Respectfully submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer

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