Monday, September 25, 2017


Monday September 25, 2017





The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday September 25, 2017.


Mayor Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were Mayor Doug Trytten, council members Rich Jensen, Larry Dahleen, Rick Stoneman, Jason Kluender, Gary Skartland, and Doris Troll Clerk was absent . Members from the public were Marcia Dahleen.


Agenda: Motion to accept agenda Jensen , seconded by Kluender vote 5-0 motion carried.


Council minutes: Motion to accept September 11, 2017 Council minutes by Kluender seconded by Dahleen vote 5-0 motion carried.


Claims: A motion by Dahleen seconded by Stoneman to approve the claims of $ 8,174.54 Vote of 5-0 motion carried.  


Public Input: questioning to why the Department Heads are not at council meetings especially when it is budget time of the year.


Maintenance report: Gary will be discharging the ponds in Oct with Adams help. There was a quote to sealcoating the streets that need to be done, Gary also had a quote from Arnies Pump for service on the south pump.  This next year is when the water tower will be drained and inspected on the inside. There was an issue with the water down  in front of Berma’s that they will be digging up this week.


Recycling: There was information presented that the council had question they still had, and with the clerk being gone they tabled it.


Resolutions: there was a resolution to cash in cd’s per the fire departments request for the new truck. Motion by Stoneman seconded by Dahleen, vote 5-0 motion carried.


There was also a resolution to move $ 4680.00 from the general fund into the library fund of $ 4680.00. motion made by Dahleen seconded by Kluender, vote 5-0, motion carried.


There was also a resolution for the Proposed 2018 tax levy.  The Council has chosen to place a preliminary increase of 15% with more work to be done on the budget. Motion by Stoneman seconded by Jensen, vote 5-0, motion carried.


Mayor update: The Mayor reported that he was voted in on the Region 9 Board and will be attending those meetings.


Liquor Store: Mn Municipal Beverage will be here on the 10th to meet with the Liquor Store Committee as well as the Manager to help with a plan to increase the sales.


There was motion to adjourn by Kluender seconded by Jensen. Vote. 5-0, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by

Doris M Troll

City Clerk/ Treasurer   


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