Thursday, May 12, 2016


Thursday May 12, 2016




The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Thursday May 12, 2016


Mayor Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were Mayor Doug Trytten, council members Rich Jensen , Jason Kluender arrived late, Rick Stoneman, Doris Troll Clerk, and Gary Skartland. Members from the public in attendance:  Brandon Hagenson


Agenda: Motion to accept agenda by Jensen seconded by Kluender vote 4-0 motion carried.


Council minutes: Motion to accept April 28, 2016 Council minutes by Kluender seconded by Stoneman, vote 4-0 motion carried.


Fire Dept: thanked the council for letting them go to the convention in Indianapolis, IN, they saw a lot of equipment and talked to a lot of vendors they were able to get a local rep to get us 3 sets of turnout gear for $ 850.00 for a set. They have a better idea of what they are wanted for new equipment in the upcoming years. The airpaks  have been sent out for testing and any repairs that that need to be done, this will prolong the life of the units. There will be a county meeting the first week in June and will be looking at upgrading the paging systems.  They are looking at a E911, that with the technology the use of pagers will be a thing of the past. There will more information shared when it comes available to us.


Claims: A motion by Jensen seconded Kluender to approve the claims of $ 22,805.71 vote of 4-0 motion carried.


Past due Water Billings: motion to take shut off past due water bills by Stoneman.  with a seconded by Jensen, vote 4-0 motion carried.


Public Input:   none


Building permits: were presented for Larry Wigern, and David Landsteiner,  A Motion by Kluender seconded by Jensen to approve building permits.  Vote 4-0 motion carried.


Council Meeting changes: A motion was made by Stoneman seconded by Kluender to change  the following council meetings to council conflicts: Monday May 23 to Thursday May 26, 2016. Monday June 6, to Thursday June 6, 2016.  Monday June 20 to Thursday June 23,2016. Monday July 11 to Thursday July 14, 2016, vote 4-0.



Maintenance report:   McGuire Iron will be here next week to clean the water tower, when this is done I will be flushing the hydrants. This fall when Empire Pipe is here I will have them give us a quote video the storm and sewer pipes to see where what condition they are in. When WW blacktopping is here to do the roads we will be having them haul the regrind for storage for use on the alleyways.


There was motion by Kluender seconded by Stoneman to adjourn the meeting. Vote carried 5-0.



Respectfully submitted by

Doris M Troll

City Clerk/ Treasurer



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