Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday January 25, 2016

The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday January 25, 2015

Mayor Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Members present were Mayor Doug Trytten, council members Rich Jensen, Rick Stoneman, Larry Dahleen Jason Kluender and Clerk Doris Troll City Maintenance Gary Skartland, Members from the public in attendance were: Marcia Dahleen

Agenda: Motion to accept agenda with the addition of city of Walters by Jensen, seconded by Kluender, vote 5-0 motion carried.

Council minutes: Motion to accept special meeting minutes of 12-1 and 12-8, 2015 and regular meeting of 1-11-2016 Council minutes by Jensen seconded by Stoneman, vote 5-0 motion carried.

Claims: A motion by Stoneman seconded Jensen to approve the claims of $ 22678.71 vote of 5-0 motion carried.

Public Input: Marcia had told the council to think about changing over the meat counter to more of a self-service counter and gave us a cost off a cold call to the store.

Building permits: Ron Aukes represented his building permit motion to accept by Kluender seconded by Dahleen. Vote of 5-0 motion carried.

Maintenance report: Gary informed the council that the tractor needed to have the battery replaced. Also that the was going to be scraping the roads this week as the weather is going to be warmer.

Quilters Cottage: has approached the council with a request to rent on a month to month basis the old salon space. A motion was made to rent it out for $ 35.00 per month on a month to month basis with either party giving 30 notice to terminate by Jensen seconded by Stoneman vote 5-0, motion carried.

Active Living: there was a short update that they will be meeting to get more information before they come before the council.

Clerk update: The auditors will be here Feb 8 and 9, 2016 . The clerk will be attending classes
In May for the third year of the clerk training.

A motion by Stoneman seconded by Kluender that the City of Kiester will not acknowledge the Columbus day is a legal holiday. Vote 5-0 motion carried.

Mayor Trytten has had a conversation with Tom Warmka in regards to the creamery and as of today the county was still in the process of putting the policy in place.

Walters Water: there was discussion in regards to how much Gary does for Walters and there sewer system and question to see if what liability the City of Kiester has if any for Gary helping them out. No actions was taken at this time.

A motion to adjourn was made by Kleunder seconded by Dahleen with a vote of 5-0 motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer

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